Hadeland Mining Museum is a museum of Hadeland’s geology and mining history. The museum currently has on display a rock and mineral collection, a fossil collection, and a cultural history exhibition on mining in Hadeland. The museum offers guided tours into the mines.

HADELAND FOLKEMUSEUM People’s Museum of Hadeland  is located in the unique landscape of Tingelstad. The museum was established in 1913 and works with documentation, management, preservation and dissemination related to regional natural and cultural heritage. The Museum Documentation Centre holds photo collections, archives and library visit facilities. In the open air museum you will find different types of buildings and numerous exhibitions. Here you also find the open collectionstorage area, Magasinhallen, which was completed for the 100th anniversary.

Follow the history of man in Gausdal Vestfjell dating back to the Stone Age. Moose hunting, iron production, summer farming, and fishing have been important resources and pillars of the society in the area. At Kittilbu you can experience this by visiting the museum, our culture trail or by attending events.

LANDS MUSEUM, Lands Museum was established in 1927 to document and preserve the history of Nordre og Søndre Land municipalities. Today it is a center for cultural and natural history, and is active in conservation and international wetland work.