Summer farming has a long history in Norway, and at Kittilbu we find evidence of it dating back to the 1300s. The dairymaids looked after the cows and goats while they grazed and rested, and from their milk produced butter and cheese. Volden summer farm is a part of Kittilbu Utmarksmuseum. Here you can participate in activities, meet our farm animals and learn about summer farming.

Every Sunday in July and August we serve lunch at Volden summer farm. The lunch is a buffet with traditional Norwegian food, such as cured meat, sour cream porridge, local fish, cheese, coffee and cake. Most of the ingredients come from local producers in Gausdal municipality.

Visitors to Volden experience a real summer farm (so of course there is no electricity or running water!), – and with delicious food.

Groups can order summer farm lunch all days from July to September